Beach Holiday Overview

Zanzibar  Beach Holiday is a very good holiday program to enjoy the good smell of Zanzibar spices and wandering around Zanzibar stone town.

The cost of Zanzibar were controlled by the Portuguese on the late 16th century thus ended the golden age of archipelago and a century later the Arabs came back to power hence what we see today in Zanzibar as many of its streets and all the high houses in stone town remain unchanged, The old part of the town known as Stone Town is composed of a network of shady, winding narrow alleys between old stone buildings with ornately decorated entrances and balconies.

Visitors can walk from the Sultan’s palace which known as House of wonders to the Portuguese fort and gardens, the Merchants houses and the Turkish bath of the old town. Visitors can also commerce on a spice tour a walking trip through the plantations the trip offer the visitors a great opportunity of observing the cultivation of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and all other spices that has mad Zanzibar famous.

Zanzibar’s coastline offers some of the best beach holidays experience in the world, but sand and surf diverge depending on what side of the island you are while on the east coast waves break over coral reefs and sand bars offshore, and low tide reveals small pools of starfish, small minnows, and anemones. Up North Ocean swimming is much less susceptible to the tides and smooth beaches plus white sand match for amazing days in the sun.

On the south coast of Zanzibar lies the Menai Bay Conservation Area, where is a sea turtle protection area for the endangered species that comes to breed on the island but the Road to the southeast coast take visitors through the Jozani Forest which is home to Zanzibar’s rare Red Colobus monkeys and a number of other primate and small antelope species can here be observed.

Mangapwani beach lies on the western side of Zanzibar cost and it is very worth to visit though there’s also more very beautiful and famous beaches on the eastern, the beaches found on the east cost are Jambiani, Pwani Mchangani, Kiwengwa, Uroa, Bwejuu and Matemwe, all with stretch of beautiful and un crowded beaches.
Zanzibar has large size and beautiful beaches which are well equipped and attract thousands of visitors yearly.

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